Dan vs Fedor – Bad Stoppage

The truth of the matter is that Fedor Emelianenko took a very short nap after catching an underhanded right to the chin from Dan Henderson. Knocked out from the punch, Fedor face planted the mat and took two or three (questionable) punches to the head from Dan Henderson.

Herb Dean began to stop the fight and during the process of stopping the fight Fedor wakes up like the undertaker and tries to regain his composure, unfortunately, Fedor caught an additional three or four more punches while transitioning to his back.

Many people would have liked to have seen the fight continue and possibly have seen a point deduction from the illegal blows to the head. However, those illegal blows were not the cause of the knockout and judging from the angle, out of view from the ref.

As a ref, you have to be very attentive to what’s going on, if a fighter is unresponsive and is getting pummeled you have to get in there and break it up. Fedor was unresponsive and took strikes to the head and if you watch the video to the left it will confirm this statement and Herbs reason for stoppage.

Safety is the number one key in the UFC and is something that the organization claims to strive for. Herb dean was just doing his job and realized Fedor was done and although it was a short nap – Herb was there to ensure Fedors safety.

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