Dana White Embarrassed of UFC 149

UFC 149 was chalked full of lack luster performances and Dana White expressed his how disappointed and embarrassed by what he witnessed.

I think that the under card was awesome. These guys blew it out of the water. I said this the other day and it’s true: This company, we make money. I like breaking records. We broke the gate record here tonight and I’m embarrassed. I was excited when I heard, and now I’m embarrassed. The under card delivered — they were awesome. The main card did not. I don’t think the Faber-Barao fight deserved the boos — you’re talking about two of the best guys in the world in a five-round title fight. It was very technical, everyone understands how good Urijah Faber is and Barao dominated him tonight. I think there were a lot of things that went wrong. I felt like I was at UFC 33 again and I think that Cheick Kongo and Jordan pushed against the fence for three rounds and I think the ref let him do it….

Dana White is correct that he shouldn’t have to counsel each fighter before a fight and explain his expectations. Each fighter knows what they need to do before they step in the ring and to clinch against the cage more than anything else is ridiculous. I heard the boos and I even felt embarrassed for the president of the organization Dana White.

Cheick Congo said that he wanted to show that he was still contender material – but that was not put on display tonight. He has great size and speed but his cardio is absolutely terrible. Clinching on the cage should be the last thing you want to do…it effing detrimental to ones overall performance.

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