George St. Pierre vs Carlos Condit UFC 154

UFC 154 in MONTREAL — It has been one year and 7 months since George St. Pierre last stepped in to the octagon. He he had taken that time off to rehabilitate a knee injury. Tonight Pierre put on the best performance he could and survived an early 3rd round head kick that sent him back peddling to the mat. On his back Pierre manage to regain his composure and ground and pounded his way to a win – now (23, 2) with seven straight title defense wins.

Judges scored all 5 rounds to GSP even though Carlos Condit  landed a high round to his opponents head along with some vicious elbow work. It was not enough to win over the judges. George regained control and executed a number of successful take-downs and cleaned up with the ground and pound.

This fight went all 5 rounds and you could really tell that Pierre seemed out of his element. He had trouble piecing together effective combinations and really finding his range. Those of you who remember the old GSP know what I mean. Pierre failed to capitalize on a number of opportunities to make short work of Condit – but one thing is for sure – Pierre executed great ring control as Condit spent most of his time on the perimeter of the cage.¬† Condit had a chance in the 3rd round to close shop but just couldn’t do it…big props for making it happen – but when your dealing with a world class fighter like GSP, you gotta make it count and end the fight, because you will not get many chances like that again.

Joe Rogan interviewed both fighters while Condit expressed his disappointment in not being able to finish the fight and desire to …

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