Johny Hendricks vs Martin Kampmann: 46 Seconds

First off is Johnny Hendricks even human? I mean seriously…he hit Martin Kampmann so hard it looked like an alien was trying to beam Martin out of the ring – but failed – and dropped his ass to the mat like something with rigor mortis.

In all seriousness, it took less than a minute for Hendricks to land a powerful left straight to his opponent Martin Kampmanns chin . The co-main event was part of UFC 154 headlining George St. Pierre and Carlos Condit in Montreal.

This fight as I mentioned above was extremely short-lived and can be summed up with by a straight hard left executed by Hendricks to the chin of Kampmann. Kampmanm went stiff, hit the mat – while Hendricks cleaned up with an additional punch to end the fight.

Hendricks also received knockout of the night – it was a sensational knockout and also the ONLY knockout of the night. Can’t complain – he deserved it and is now a top contender. BOOM!

I wanted to see this fight go the distance – mainly because Kampmann said he was going to kick Hendricks in the beard. That didn’t happen, you gotta respect the beard [fear the beard]. You know coming in to this fight knowing that your opponent has stopping power stored away in his left hand – you would think that Kampman would have played the first round a little safer staying out of range or MAYBE even taking the fight to the ground.

So disappointing that the fight ended in the manner that it did – but – extremely satisfying so to speak.

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