Rampage Jackson Wins Via Split Decision Against Lyoto

Rampage Jackson stuck to his style UFC 123 and that was of course “Aggressive” not knowing how to do much more than brawl making use of his wrestling background. Jackson put on a display the best he could and as 1 dimensional as he could against a backpedalling side stepping Lyoto Machida. Machida backpedals and side steps more than a skank avoiding backhands and head butts from a pimp. I mean give us all a break Machida…you might as well be invisible as you are untouchable. Machida in my opinion is a reactive fighter – he sits back and he throws his punches and his kicks wisely. That would explain why he is the least hit and holds the highest percentage of punches landed on his opponents…hell he just frustrates the crap out of you enough until he finds an opening.


This fight was exactly like I planned it to be, boring!! You have a guy (Machida) who will duck and dodge and try to take the least amount of damage possible against a guy who wants to stand and bang. Machida didn’t do to much in the first two rounds of the fight, but picked it up a notch in the 3rd round. That’s great Machida, wait till your back is against the wall to give your fans a show.


Jackson came in to this fight with a point to prove and that was that he can still knock heads with the best of them, despite his movie roles. This was not the fight for him to prove that though. I could only imagine that this fight did him a favor and bought him more time to prove that point.


If Jackson would have beat Lyoto “The Back-peddling Dragon” Machida Rashad Evans wouldn’t have anything …

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