Silva vs Sonnen II – UFC 148

UFC 148 kicked off at MGM Grand Garden Arena with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. A lot of people were saying that Sonnen got under Anderson Silvas skin with all the trash talk which caused us to see a side of Silva we never seen before. With respect to such reaction…you can say Sonnen accomplished at least that much.

For those of you who missed the fight…let me sum it up for you: It didn’t last long. The first round started off with a swift exchange of blows and an executed take down by Sonnen. Sonnen couldn’t land one single demotivating strike on Silva. While Silva had Sonnen in half guard it wasn’t until a minute was left on the clock that Sonnen escaped half guard to full mount, but still couldn’t cause any damage to Silva.

You would think that Silva would be gassed out and that he would crawl to his cage after such an exhaustive survival strategy. (yes strategy) because if you watched the fight and thought Sonnen had the upper hand in that first round on the ground you are sadly mistaken….so sadly mistaken.

The second round started with Sonnen pushing forward again, but instead of Sonnen attempting a takedown – it was Silva – and although the take down was unsuccessful – Sonnen took advantage of it and failed miserably with a spinning elbow that caused him to fall to the mat with his back to the cage. While Sonnen probably thought he was safe as he sat with his back against the cage – the Spider struck with pure accuracy with a knee to Sonnens chest and then landed repeated strikes until the referee stepped in and stopped the fight.

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