UFC 149 – Urijah Faber vs Renan Barao

Urijah Faber and Renan Barao went head to head in UFC’s 149  main event  which took place in Calgary at  Scotiabank Saddledome. The UFC interim bantamweight belt went to Renan Barao via unanimous decision. 

Barao’s game plan was evident from the get go as it looked similar to the game plan that Aldo imposed on Faber in their WEC faceoff where Aldo took away Faber’s legs one kick at a time. Although, Faber says that Aldo’s kicks were incomparable to Barao’s – you could tell the kicks were effective and starting to take their toll as the rounds led on. Barao stuck to the game plan and imposed his will – Faber found himself dancing more than he was attacking and engaged himself in the tactics that Barao had in store – there were some moments in the fight where Barao would hold out his glove and Faber would do the same. They would pause for a split second or two to see who would attack first and then disengage. This happened a couple of times and seemed odd that Faber would entertain it time and time again as it usually led to a leg kick or strike on behalf of Barao.

The fight lasted 5 full rounds and made for a lackluster performance. The fight never went to the ground and as a matter of fact it wasn’t until the third round that Faber attempted an all out take down. Most of the attempts at taking Barao down failed as Faber would catch an incoming leg kick only to have it snatched away. Faber found himself counter punching his way to a loss in UFC 149 – nothing spectacular occurred that would have made the fight remotely lean in Faber’s favor.

In all honesty …

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