UFC 153 Anderson Silva vs Stephan Bonner

We all know that Anderson Silva and Stephen Bonner stepped up to save the UFC 153 event that took place October 13, 2010 in Rio De Janeiro. Originally it was suppose to be Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar – but that fight was scrapped because Aldo suffered a foot injury.

If there was one place that Stephan Bonner didn’t belong, it was in the cage with Anderson Silva. It reminded me of the Sesame Street “One of these does not belong” game. Stephan Bonner didn’t stand a feather in the wind chance at beating Silva. It’s just one of those fights that you don’t even have to watch to know the outcome. Everyone roots for the underdog sometimes and Joe Rogan tried his best to point out why Bonner could come up with an upset.

“Stephan Bonner also has a very slick ground game and if there is any area that we’ve seen Anderson Silva struggle in the past is with grapplers. He first fight with Chael Sonnen is an excellent example of that. The first round against Travis Lutter, the first round with Dan Henderson. Stephan Bonner his goal in this fight should be close distance get a hold of Anderson and try to make something happen on the ground.”

When the match started, Bonner came out gunz a blazin’ and the match immediately went to the cage. Bonner attempted a couple of take downs but Silva managed to ward them off. Bonner was clearly out matched and then something spectacular – when Bonner dis-engaged from the Silva on the Cage, Anderson stayed on the cage and invited Bonner back for some free shots. Silva with his hands down at his side impressed the crowd with his ability to slip Bonners punches – even working …

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