UFC 158 George St. Pierre vs Nick Diaz

UFC 158 Montreal – George St-Peirre vs Nick Diaz – This fight can be summed up fairly easy. Diaz got worked over and could not come up with an answer for Pierres Grade-A ground game control and transitioning abilities. Diaz put on a lack luster performance and tried to use his supposedly superior boxing to out box Pierre, but his opponent stayed out of range. Seemingly with little effort, Pierre successfully took Diaz to the ground and kept him there for 2 rounds straight. A frustrated and clearly out-matched Diaz would begin taunting his opponent after taking a cheap shot after the round one bell. The following rounds would end in the same manner – just a lack luster performance on Nicks part.

A lot of people thought Diaz would pull of an upset UFC 158, but no – aint no way in hell that was going to happen. It’s funny how Diaz thought he possessed the ability to perform at the same level that GSP is on. It’s even funnier how cried like a baby after the fight – wanting to retire and this and that – complaining that he was lied on for two rounds. Well guess what cupcake, that’s the way it goes – no dumb ass is just going to stand there and let you bang their face in to ground meat for 5 rounds.

So, go ahead and retire and help other members of your team get to where you are and hopefully they don’t inherit your poor sportsmanship and lackluster performances. Diaz was given a chance of a lifetime to showcase his abilities and failed. Rogan expressed what Diaz should have been doing throughout the fight and it didn’t happen. It wasn’t until the third round that Diaz finally defended the takedowns …

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